5K Run

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Fluids and nutrition

AA Drink Iso Lemon and water at the finish


Both net and gross time


A unique memory of your participation

Name on bib

Your name on your bib number (when you register before February 10)

Changing facilities

It's also possible to leave your bag here (on your own risk)


Music along the course

Extra options to order

Medal engraving

€ 6,00 on registration and € 8,50 on the day itself

Donation for UNICEF

€ 3,00 / € 5,00 / €7,50 / € 10,00 / € 15,00

Functional running shirt

€ 20,00 for a unique functional running shirt

Bag deposit

€ 2,00 when you register before February 10


€ 5,00 for a training schedule from 8 to 24 weeks


General conditions

Click here for the general conditions.

Race regulations

a. application

The race regulations of the Dutch Athletics Union is applicable for the race and the recreation run, except where they differ from those stated in these conditions. The race regulations of the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) is applicable, except where they differ from those of the Dutch Athletics Union or those stated in these conditions. Both race regulations are available to view with the organisers and can be sent by the organiser to the Participant upon his/her request.

b. manner of movement

All participants are obliged to move forward by running over the course set out by the Organisers in a manner that is in common with that which is practised in road athletics.

c. starting position

The actual allocation of a starting pen by the Organiser to a Participant. The organisers reserve the right not to recognise times.

d. bib number

The Participant will receive a piece of textile from the Organiser whereupon the bib number allocated to him will be stated. The Participant must fasten the bib number on his/her chest with the help of safety pins distributed by the Organiser. The piece of textile must be fastened in a manner that will ensure that the bib number and other information printed on it as visible. It must not be cut or folded. The Participant is forbidden to wear any bib numbers other than the one supplied to him/her by the Organiser.  The Participant is expressly advised to write his/her medical details on the reverse of the bib number. The Organiser will take back bib numbers from Participants who have been disqualified or have fallen out of the race for any other reason.

e. deadline/last runner

To ensure the course can be made available to traffic, the Participant must pass the finish within a time limit after the start.  He/she will otherwise not be counted in the results.

Half Marathon   150 minutes
10K 80 minutes
5K 45 minutes
2,5K 35 minutes
1K 25 minutes

f. disqualification/removal from race

Organiser has the right to disqualify a Participant and/or to remove him/her if he/she does not keep to the race regulations or behaves in a unsportsmanlike manner or if it becomes necessary from a medical perspective or in connection with an orderly progression of the Event.

g. instructions from race management

Participants are required to follow the instructions of the Organiser and/or of those who from their clothing or other characteristics are apparent that they belong to the organisation of the Organiser.

h. other conditions:

  • The Participant is forbidden to take drinks, food, sponges etc. From any other place than the care posts which have been set up by the Organiser.
  • The Road Traffic Act and laws based on it, such as the regulation regarding traffic rules and traffic signs and signals, remain in force over the entire course during the Event.
  • To let oneself be escorted, for whatever reason and no matter by whom, is not permitted on the course, unless written permission has been obtained from the Organiser.
  • It is forbidden to bring things such as (domestic) animals, pushchairs and prams, banners etc.
  • Political, ideological or religious images or expressions that may cause offence, hurt or be considered to be insulting, in whatever manner, are not permitted.
  • It is not possible to handover clothing at the start. Participants are therefore advised to come to the start area in running gear. The Organiser takes no responsibility for lost clothing or other possessions of Participants. This also applies to goods that have been left in the changing facilities provided by the Organiser. The Participant is alerted to the fact that the Organiser does not patrol this accommodation.
  • It is expected of the Participant that he/she will not damage the property of others and that he/she will not leave any litter behind.

i. time registration

The Organiser will record the finish time and the split times of the Participant. This record will be binding. The registration will take place via the My Laps BibTag. The Organiser can only register the times of Participant if he/she wears the BibTag in the appropriate manner. The Participant will receive a BibTag from the Organiser provided he/she has asked for it when completing the entry form.

j. determining results

The Organiser determines the result and has the right to change the result after identifying inaccuracies. The Participant must return an awarded prize to the Organiser, should a change in the results mean that the Participant no longer has a right to the prize.

k. prizes

Every Participant who finishes on time will receive a medal. The first three runners will receive prizes. A Participant wil not have a right to a prize if he/she has acted against the race regulations. An awarded prize must be returned to the Organiser if it becomes apparent after the event that the Participant has acted in violation of the race regulations.

l. classification in categories (gender/age)

The Organiser can categorise race runners on the basis of gender and/or age on the day of the Event. The Participant must ensure he/she has been placed in the correct category before the start of the Event. The Organiser is not responsible for the consequences of incorrect categorisation of the Participant. Participants who have been placed in a master category may start in (exclusively) the senior categories men senior (MSR) or women senior (VSR). The Participant is required to send an email request to the Organiser.

m. prizes per category

Every Participant who finishes on time will receive a medal. A Participant will not have a right to a prize if he/she has acted against the race regulations. An awarded prize must be returned to the Organiser if it becomes apparent after the event that the Participant has acted in violation of the race regulations.

Minimum age

Minimum age: 12 years on the day of the event.


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