Frequently asked questions

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What are the minimum ages to participate?
For the age limits, the age on the day of the event applies.

  • NN Half Marathon: 16 years
  • 10 KM Run: 14 years
  • 5 KM Run: 12 years
  • gro-up Youth Run (2,5 KM): 8 - 12 years
  • gro-up Youth Run (1 KM): 0 - 10 years
  • NN CPC4ALL (1 KM): 4 years

Can I cancel my participation?
You can only cancel if you are registered for the NN Half Marathon and you have taken a cancellation insurance. For more information, see the general conditions. Cancellation requests must be submitted up to and including January 31th (up to 40 calendar days prior the event) via the contact form.

You can transfer your bib number to someone else by logging into your dashboard and following the steps. Click here for the step-by-step plan for transferring your bib numer. If you transfer your bib number after February 11, your name will not be visible on the bib number, because it has already been printed. The bib number will be sent to the address of the original entrant, so you are responsible for the transfer of your bib number.

General terms and conditions

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?
Click here here for the general terms and conditions.

Changes entry

How can I access or update my race information?
You can access and update your race information in your dashboard. Please note: it's not possible to change your name, e-mail address, birthday or gender yourself. Please contact the organisation. 

Change distance

Can I change my race distance?
You can change the distance if the desired distance is not yet sold out. You can change to a higher distance with the condition that the difference in price is paid. If you change to a lower distance, there will be no refund of the registration fee (or an part of it).

It is currently not possible to change your distance.

How it works:

  • Log in to your dashboard. The link and password are in the confirmation email;
  • Click on ''change race'';
  • Choose the distance you want to run and click on ''continue''.
  • If you have chosen a higher distance and there is a price difference, you will have to pay the amount due by clicking on ''checkout''.

If you have changed the distance after February 11, you can use your old bib number to join the new distance. It is not necessary to visit the race secretary.

Closing registration

When does the registration close?
You can register digitally until Sunday 10 March for the distance you want to participate in. The registration closes as soon as all bib number for a distance are sold out. 

Coach number

How do I order a coach number?
Only for participants in the gro-up Youth Run 1 Km and gro-up Youth Run 2.5 KM, it is possible to order an extra coach number. Schools receive 1 coach number per 10 students free of charge and these do not need to be ordered in the registration form. An additional coach number can be ordered via the online registration form for € 3.50.

For all NN CPC4ALL participants, a coach number is already included in their registration.

Confirmation e-mail

I haven't received an e-mail confirmation, what now?
Once you are registered, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation. So please ensure that your e-mail address is entered correctly. If you do not receive the confirmation message within 30 minutes, please check your spam folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox. If you haven't received our mail, please contact us.


When is the NN CPC Loop Den Haag?
Sunday, March 10, 2024

  • NN Half Marathon
  • 10 KM Run
  • 5 KM Run
  • gro-up Youth Run 2.5 KM
  • gro-up Youth Run 1 KM
Closing registrations

When does the registration closes?
The registration closes as soon as all the bib numbers for a distance have been sold out.

Event shirt

Can I order a shirt?

You can order a Limited Edition Running Shirt during registration (while stocks lasts) for € 27,-.

Click here for the size chart. Have you registered yet? You can order a shirt by logging in to your dashboard and clicking on 'ad products'. Ordered shirts can be picked up at the Malieveld during the event weekend.


Fast runners

How can I register as a fast runner?
In the registration form you can upload proof of your finish time on the selected distance. Based on all registrations, the fastest runners will be assigned in the earlier start waves. When you register after February 11, you will automatically be assigned to the last start wave.

You can find all info here.

Register as a company, group or school

How do I register as a company, group, school or association?
First, register your group via the registration form. After registration, you can add or invite the team members to your group. Follow the steps in this manual.

Start waves

Which start wave will I be on?
The start waves are determined on the basis of the registered end times as filled in by the participants in their registration forms. It is possible to enter your expected finish time in the registration before 11 February, or change it in your account. From 9 February, all participants are automatically assigned to the last start wave. Please note: it is then no longer possible to change your start wave or start time. You may start in a later start wave. The boxes are indicated by means of a color. The starting area in which you have to start is indicated on your bib number by the color of the starting area.

Fast runners
Do you have a finish time that you ran after March 1, 2022 and that is timed by MyLaps? Then you can automatically choose the desired start box in the registration form. If your result is not timed by MyLaps, you must send a proof of your running time to, so that we can place you in the correct starting box. Do you not enter an expected end time when registering? Then you will automatically be placed in your last starting area.

To promote the flow on the course, you are assigned to a start area that is stated on your bib number. It is no longer possible to change your starting area. Please make sure you are in your start wave at least 15-30 minutes before the start. Click here for more information on fast runners.

Transfer bib number

Can I transfer my bib number?
You can transfer your bib number to someone else by logging into your dashboard and following the steps. Click here for the step-by-step plan for transferring your bib numer. If you transfer your bib number after 11 February, your name will still be visible on the bib number, because it has already been printed. The bib number will be sent to the address of the original entrant, so you are responsible for the transfer of your bib number.

There is an administration fee of €3,- for transferring a bib number to be paid by the buyer.

Event info

Bib number

Will I receive my bib number at home or do I have to pick it up?
Click here for all information about receiving your bib number.

Pick-up bib number

You can pick-up your bib number at the Malieveld at the times below.

  • Saturday 9 March: 10.00 till 17.00 hr
  • Sunday 10 March: From 8.00 hr

For your own safety you are strongly encouraged to complete the medical form on the back of the bib. This is very important as the information will help the organisers provide appropriate help in case of an emergency. You must wear your bib number on your chest. 

Baggage drop off

Where can I drop off my baggage?
Up to and including 11 February, you can book baggage drop off during your registration (€2,50). You will find a label on your bib number which can be used to deposit your bag at the stand for bag deposit on the Malieveld. Note: you will need your bib number as proof when collecting your bag.

Backpack or camel bag

Can I run with my backpack on the course?
We highly recommend to arrive at the start in your running clothes. No backpacks will be permitted to bring to the start or run with on the course. Only camel bags are allowed. It is not allowed to leave luggage unattended around the event area or course. Due to safety requirements any unattended luggage will be removed and may be destroyed.

Changing facilities

Are there Changing facilities?
The changing facilities are located at the event area on the Malieveld. The dressing room is only accessible for participants and coaches. Acces to the changing room before and after the race is only possible on presentation of your bib number. You can book baggage drop-off during your registration for € 2,50 until February 11.


Where can I find the courses?
Click here for the course maps.

Fluids and nutrition

What drinks are available on the course and where?

NN Half Marathon

During the NN Half Marathon there will be care stands with sports drinks (AA Drink) and water on the following points.

  • Point 1: approx. 5K
  • Point 2: approx. 10K
  • Point 3: approx. 14K
  • Point 4: approx. 17,5K

10 KMRun

During the 10 KM Run there will be care stands with sports drinks (AA Drink) and water on the following point.

  • Point 1: approx. 5K

5 KMRun, Gro-up Youth Run (2,5 KM), gro-up Youth Run (1 KM), NN CPC4ALL (1 KM)

Directly after the finish there will be AA Drink sports drink and water available.

Finish photo

Will there be finish photos?
Marathon Photos takes photos at different places along the course and of course at the finish line, which you can find on your personal results page afterwards. Make sure your bib number is clearly visible and smile at the camera. The link to the results page will be sent to you by email after the event. 

Finish certificate

Do I get a finish certificate?
Every finisher on will receive a personal finish certificate which can be downloaded. You will receive the link to the results page by e-mail after the event. 


Will I receive a medal?
After crossing the finish line within the time limits, the participant will receive a medal as a souvenir of the event. Furthermore you can have your medal engraved with your name and finishing time.

Medal engraving

Can I personalize my medal?
All participants can have their medails engraved immediately after the finish with name and time. In the registration form you can tick ''medail engraving'' for € 9,-. If you have not done this yet, you can still add it by logging into your account. You can also decide to engrave your medal after the event, it will cost € 11,-. The medails of the gro-up Youth Run 2.5 KM and 1 KM and the NN CPC4ALL can only be engraved with name (€ 5,- during registration, € 11,- after the event).


Is there an award ceremony?
Each Participant that reaches the finish line in time will receive a commemorative medal.


What time do the races start?
Click here for the NN CPC Loop Den Haag programs.


Where can I find my results?
The results will be published on this page afterwards. You will also receive the link to the results page by e-mail after the event. Note: the gross time is the official time. Do you have a question or remark about your results? Send an e-mail to Mylaps Event Timing based on your bib number and any times you have clocked yourself. 

Race regulations

What are the race regulations?
Click here for the race regulations.

Shower facilities

Are there shower facilities?
No, there are no shower facilities. 

Start and finish

Where are the start and finish located?
Click here for all information about the start and finish.

Time limits

Is there a time limit for the races?

  • NN Half Marathon: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • 10 KM Run: 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • 5 KM Run: 45 minutes
  • gro-up Youth Run (2.5 KM): 20 minutes
  • gro-up Youth Run (1 KM): 15 minutes
  • NN CPC4ALL (1 KM): 20 minutes

Participants finishing after the deadlines will no longer be included in the competition results and won't receive a medal.


What is the time limit at the NN Half Marathon?



First runner

Time limit

Kilometer 1



Kilometer 2



Kilometer 3



Kilometer 4



Kilometer 5



Kilometer 6



Kilometer 7



Kilometer 8



Kilometer 9



Kilometer 10



Kilometer 11



Kilometer 12



Kilometer 13



Kilometer 14



Kilometer 15



Kilometer 16



Kilometer 17



Kilometer 18



Kilometer 19



Kilometer 20



Kilometer 21 - Finish




Total time




What is the time limit on the 10 km run?



First runner

Time limit

Kilometer 1



Kilometer 2



Kilometer 3



Kilometer 4



Kilometer 5



Kilometer 6



Kilometer 7



Kilometer 8



Kilometer 9



Kilometer 10 - Finish




Total time




What is the time limit on the 5 KM Run?



First runner

Time limit

Kilometer 1



Kilometer 2



Kilometer 3



Kilometer 4



Kilometer 5 - Finish




Total time



Time registration

Will my time be registered?
The MYLAPS BibTag system will be used to register your time at the NN Half marathon, 10 KM Run, 5 KM Run or one of the business runs. Behind your running number (Bib) there is an electronic chip (Tag) and a plastic spacer. BibTag makes it very simple to register your times; the only thing you need to do is wear your race bib correctly.

Tips to guarantee good time-keeping

  • Make sure that your running number is displayed clearly on your chest. Do not cover it with a jacket or your hands when crossing the mats at the starting and finishing line. These mats pick up the signal from your BibTag. (Also be careful with operating your own stopwatch at the starting and finishing line).
  • Do not fold or crease your race bib. Certainly not where the Tag is located.
  • Use four pins at the corners of the bib, making sure that you do not pierce the Tag.
  • Do not remove the plastic spacer.
  • The BibTag uses different technology from the MYLAPS ChampionChip. This means that you cannot use your yellow or green MYLAPS ChampionChip during this event. However, you may leave your MYLAPS ChampionChip on your shoe, as this will not interfere with the BibTag system.
  • The Tags do not need to be collected after the race, so you can keep the bib (with Tag) as a souvenir or simply throw it away with normal waste (plastic).

What is the official time?
The gross time is the official time. This starts as soon as the starting shot has been fired and stops as soon as you cross the finish. The net time is the time that starts as soon as you cross the mat at the starting line and stops when you cross the finish. This net time is announced as an extra service.


Where are the toilets along the course?
Toilets can be found near by the changing rooms, at the start, every 2.5K along the course and at the finish.

Travel advice

How do I travel to the start?
Participants and spectators are encouraged to use public transportation or the bike throughout the race weekend. For travel information, please click here.



Will there be an event app?
A few weeks before the event, the CPC app will be renewed. In this app:

  • Live race day runner tracking. Please note: participants will be added on a regular basis. One day before the event we will complete the list of runners.
  • An interactive course map
  • Information about start times, maps and travelling
  • Our newest selfie layers

Download the Android app for free here
Download the IOS app for free here


Does the NN CPC Run The Hague supports a charity?
This year the NN CPC Loop Den Haag has chosen to support KWF Kankerbestrijding. Click here for more info.


I need a hotel in The Hague for the weekend of the race – any advice? provides a good overview of trendy hostels, luxury hotels and everything in between: there is a suitable options for everyone’s taste and budget.

Lost and found

Is there a lost and found in case I lose something on Sunday? 
Lost and found items will be collected at the helpdesk (bib number pick-up) on the event side. Please contact us if you lost your something.

Medical advice

What is medical advice and what medical care is available on the course?
Click here for all information about the medical advice and medical care on the course.


How can I apply for a volunteer position?
Click here for all information about volunteers. 

Waiting list

Is there a waiting list for sold out distances?
No. The NN CPC Loop Den Haag does not have a waitlist. Once the bib numbers for a distance are sold out the registration will close.