Frequently asked questions

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How old must I be to participate?
For the age limits, the age on the day of the event applies.

  • NN Half Marathon: 18 years old
  • 10K Run: 14 years old
  • 5k Run: 12 years old
  • Triodus Youth Run (2,5k): 8 - 12 years old
  • Triodus Youth Run (1k): 0 - 10 years old
General terms and conditions

Where can I find the general conditions?
Click here
here for the general conditions.

Closing registrations

When does the registration closes?
The registration closes as soon as all the bib numbers for a distance have been sold out.


When does the registration open?
The registration of the NN CPC Run The Hague will open this year. Keep up to date with the latest news by following our social media.


Confirmation e-mail

I haven't received an e-mail confirmation, what now?
Once you are registered, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation. So please ensure that your e-mail address is entered correctly.

If you do not receive the confirmation message within 30 minutes, please check your spam folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox. If you haven't received our mail, please contact us.

Race day


When is the 2021 NN CPC Loop Den Haag?

Sunday September 26th, 2021

  • NN Half Marathon
  • 10k Run
  • 5k Run
  • Triodus Youth Run 2,5k
  • Triodus Youth Run 1K
  • CPC4All

Where is the start located?
The start of all distances of the NN CPC Loop Den Haag 2021 are on the Koningskade.

Start wave

Which start wave will I be on?
In the final instructions mail, you will receive information about which start wave you are on. These e-mails will be sent to you the week before the NN CPC Loop Den Haag. Your start wave will also be printed in our bib number.


Where is the finish located?
The finish is at the Malieveld. 
After passing the finish line, you will be asked to carry on running to ensure that the stream of runners can flow smoothly. So do follow the organiser’s instructions strictly at the finish.

Depending on the temperature, at the care area after finish you will receive a plastic sheet, your medal and further care. There are tents in which you can obtain water, AA Drink Iso-Lemon, bananas and tea. The cordoned area behind the finish is only accessible for participants and organizers, and not for spectators or supporters.

Finish certificate

Each finisher can download a free personal finish certificate on their personal result page.

Finish photo is appointed as the official photographers of the NN CPC Run The Hague. All participants will be photographed on different places along the course and off course on the finish. So make sure your bib number is visible and smile to our camera.


Will I receive a medal?
After crossing the finish line, all participants will receive a medal as a souvenir of the event. Furthermore you can have your medal engraved with your name and finishing time.

Time limits

Is there a time limit for the races?

  • NN Half Marathon: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • 10K Run: 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • 5K Run: 45 minutes
  • Triodus Youth Run (2,5K): 35 minutes
  • Triodus Youth Run (1K): 25 minutes

Participants finishing after the deadlines will no longer be included in the competition results and won't receive a medal.

Time registration

Will my time be registered?
The MYLAPS BibTag system will be used to register your time at the NN Half marathon, 10K Run, 5K Run or one of the business runs. Behind your running number (Bib) there is an electronic chip (Tag) and a plastic spacer. BibTag makes it very simple to register your times; the only thing you need to do is wear your race bib correctly.

Tips to guarantee good time-keeping

  • Make sure that your running number is displayed clearly on your chest. Do not cover it with a jacket or your hands when crossing the mats at the starting and finishing line. These mats pick up the signal from your BibTag. (Also be careful with operating your own stopwatch at the starting and finishing line).
  • Do not fold or crease your race bib. Certainly not where the Tag is located.
  • Use four pins at the corners of the bib, making sure that you do not pierce the Tag.
  • Do not remove the plastic spacer.
  • The BibTag uses different technology from the MYLAPS ChampionChip. This means that you cannot use your yellow or green MYLAPS ChampionChip during this event. However, you may leave your MYLAPS ChampionChip on your shoe, as this will not interfere with the BibTag system.
  • The Tags do not need to be collected after the race, so you can keep the bib (with Tag) as a souvenir or simply throw it away with normal waste (plastic).

What is the official time?
The gross time is the official time. This starts as soon as the starting shot has been fired and stops as soon as you cross the finish. The net time is the time that starts as soon as you cross the mat at the starting line and stops when you cross the finish. This net time is announced as an extra service.


Where can I find my race result?
All race results will be pulished online on our website immediately after the event. The gross time is the official time. You can find the results of previous editions here.

If your results are incorrect, please send an e-mail to Mylaps Event Timing including you bib number and your clocked times.


Race regulations

What are the race regulations?
Click here for the race regulations.



Do you have a recommended training plan?
Yes. The NN CPC Run The Hague offers an official 8 to 24-week training program developed by My Energy Lab. The program is made to be adaptive to all runners and customized to fit in with your daily schedule and needs. When you register, you can add the 8 to 24 week schedule for EUR 5 (the normal price is EUR 1 per week) to your entry.


Will there be an event app?
Yes, there is an app. The app features:

  • Live race day runner tracking. Please note: participants will be added on a regular basis. One day before the event we will complete the list of runners.
  • An interactive course map
  • Information about start times, maps and travelling
  • Our newest selfie layers

I need a hotel in The Hague for the weekend of the race – any advice? provides a good overview of trendy hostels, luxury hotels and everything in between: there is a suitable options for everyone’s taste and budget.

Waiting list

Is there a waiting list for sold out distances?
No. The NN CPC Run The Hague does not have a waitlist. Once the bib numbers for a distance are sold out the registration will close.


How can I apply for a volunteer position?
The NN CPC Run The Hague is organised by a big group of enthusiastic people. Hundreds of volunteers are involved in the event, among other things; to provide runners with drinks, to distribute medals to the runners and to greet participants at the finish.

You can volunteer for various activities at the NN CPC Run The Hague; from a committee that comes together several times before the event to activities that only take place on the day. Is there something for you here? Click here for more information.

Medical advise

What is medical advice and what medical care is available on the course?
Click here for all information about the medical advice and medical care on the course.

NN CPC Loop Den Haag moved to autumn: 46th edition on Sunday 26 September 2021

Due to the corona pandemic, we decided to move the 46th NN CPC Loop Den Haag in 2021 to Sunday 26 September 2021. Registrations will open again early next year.

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