Bag deposit

You can submit the bag deposit option (€1) when registering until the 11th of February 2019. A label on your bib number can then be used to deposit in your bag at the stand for bag deposit. Note: you will need your bib number as proof when collecting your bag.

Bib number

Dutch participants
Dutch participants will receive their bib number and tag by post no later than the week before the event if you have registered before the 12th of February. For your own safety, we urge you to complete the medical passport on the reverse of the bib number. The bib number should be worn on your chest. The bib number is personal and cannot be transferred to someone else. In the event of an emergency, your bib number will serve as your medical passport.

Foreign participant
Foreign participants can pick up their bib number (including Tag) on Saturday or Sunday at Customer Care. For your own safety you are strongly encouraged to complete the medical form on the back of the bib. This is very important as the information will help the organisers provide appropriate help in case of an emergency. You must wear your bib number on your chest. 


Re-assign bib number
You can re-assign your bib number to another person by logging into your account on the registry form using the password from the confirmation email. The bib number will still carry your name as the bib numbers are printed already. The bib number will be send to your home address so you will be responsible for the transfer of your bib number.



In the event the Participant in the ‘Half Marathon’ has opted for a cancellation insurance, he or she can claim the paid registration fee and any paid extras up to 30 calendar days prior to the Event free of charge. Any payments made to a charitable cause, Energy Lab and the cancellation insurance (this being € 5.00) will not be refunded. In the event a Participant in the component ‘10K’, ‘5K’, ‘2.5K’ or ‘1K’ is unable to participate in the Event, the registration fee paid will not be refunded. Also in the event the distance for which a Participant has registered is changed, the registration fee, or part thereof, will not be refunded. Changing to a longer distance is possible provided that the difference in price is paid.

Code men Age
MSR 18-34
M35 35-39
M40 40-44
M45 45-49
M50 50-54
M55 55-59
M60 60-64
M65 65-69
M70 70 and older
Code Women Age
VSR 18-34
V35 35-39
V40 40-44
V45 45-49
V50 50-55
V55 55-59
V60 60 and older


UNICEF is the charity of the NN CPC Run The Hague.

Medal engraving

You can have your medal engraved immediately after the race at the engraving stall. You can find this on the Malieveld.

You can indicate on the registration form that you wish to have your medal engraved. The costs for this are € 6,50 for adults and € 5 for children. Even after the finish it is still possible for you to have your medal engraved. The costs for this are € 8.00 for adults and € 6,50 for children.

Minimum age

NN Half Marathon: 18 years old

AA Drink 10k Run: 14 years old

5k Run The Hague presented by AD: 12 years old

Triodus Youth Run (2,5k): 8 - 12 years old

Ernst & Bobbie Kids Run (1k): 0 - 10 years old

CPC4all: 10 years old


Your training sessions will become a regular part of your weekly schedule and you’ll find out that it can be fun to share your routes on social media, for example!

We also provide a professional training platform powered by My Energy Lab. This online training platform will help you to achieve your goal in a responsible and safe way. When you register, you can also add the 8 to 24 week schedule for EUR 5 (the normal price is EUR 1 per week) to your entry.


Check here the full programme of the NN CPC Run The Hague.

Race regulations

Atletiekunie and IAAF race regulations apply to our event.


All results will be online the day of the event.

Results of previous years can be found here.

The Hague

A lot of activities will be organised in the Hague during the weekend of the NN CPC Run The Hague.

Time limits

NN Half Marathon: 150 minutes 
AA Drink 10K Run: 80 minutes
5K Run The Hague presented by AD: 45 minutes 
Triodus Youthrun: 35 minutes 
Ernst & Bobbie Childrensrun: 25 minutes 

Time registration

BibTag will be used to register your time in all divisions of the NN Half Marathon, 10K Run, 5K Run The Hague (presented by AD) and the Business Runs. There are an electronic chip (Tag) and a plastic spacer on the reverse of your starting number (Bib). BibTag makes it easy to register your time. The only thing you need to do is wear the starting number correctly.



Would you like to help as a volunteer at the NN CPC Run The Hague? Have a look at the possibilities here