NN Half Marathon

21.1 km - Sunday, March 10 - 2.30 pm

The NN Half Marathon may be the most popular half marathon in spring in The Netherlands. Many personal bests break every year on the fast track. Lots of runners plan this half marathon as they prepare for a spring marathon.

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10 km Run

10 km - Sunday, March 10 - 12 pm

In recent years, the AA Drink 10 km Run has grown into a very popular distance with 10,000 participants. The course starts at the Koningskade and finishes after a city center path on the Boorlaan next to the Malieveld.

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5 km run The Hague

5 km - Sunday, March 10 - 11 am

The 5 km run presented by AD is the shortest distance for adults at the NN CPC Run The Hague. A pleasant distance for both the starting runner and for runners who like fast, short distances.

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Triodus Youth Run

2.5 km - Sunday, March 10 - 10.30 am

The Triodus Youth Run 2.5 km is intended to make the youth (8 to 12 years) acquainted with running. Along the 2.5 km trail there are many enthusiastic spectators who encourage you to cheer you all to the finish line!

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Ernst & Bobbie Kids Run

1 km - Sunday, March 10 - 09.30 am

Especially for the youngest (0 to 10 years), we organize the Ernst & Bobbie Kids Run (1 km). At this 'happy run', the kids are encouraged by the many spectators and entertainers Ernst & Bobbie (known for television and theater).

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1 km - Sunday, March 10 - 08.30 am

Due to this year being a jubilee edition, we invite disabled people to participate in the CPC4all. The course is the same as the 1 km route but you can participate in an alternative way.

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Business Runs

21.1 km, 10 km of 5 km - Sunday, March 10

Business Teams can participate in the races 21.1 km, 10 km and 5 km. Each teams consists of a minimum of 4 runners and a maximum of 8. Every runner runs the whole distance. The three fastest times will be add together to count as the finish time of the team.

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