“As an organisation, we are dependent on the easing of corona measures. If we were to get a green light at a late stage, there will not be enough time for thorough preparations of such a comprehensive event’’ explains Remco Barbier, CEO of Golazo Nederland. “Furthermore, we do not want to run the risk that we have to decide to cancel at the eleventh hour. It is important that all parties involved and primarily the participants know now what they can expect and can now focus on the autumn edition.’’ 

The decision to move the NN CPC Loop Den Haag to autumn was taken in close consultation with the Council and title sponsor Nationale-Nederlanden. Saskia Bruines (Councillor for the Economy): “Obviously, it has been no fun taking this decision, however, it is understandable. I am looking forward to a wonderful event in autumn, that traditionally attracts many runners and spectators to Malieveld and the course.” 

The NN CPC Loop Den Haag boasts more than 30,000 registrations every year. The running classic is internationally known as a half marathon at top level. Moreover, the event offers recreational athletes of any age the opportunity to surpass themselves choosing from various distances on this beautiful, fast parcours that also doubles as a family party. Participants with a disability are also welcome. What is more, the schools run is the biggest one in the country.