NN is a supporter of change. An energetic supporter. With inspiring initiatives, we support people to (literally) get moving and to take on a positive change: a healthier, culturally enriched, financially more stable (and more sustainable) life. So you can say: "Bring on life".

We don't do this alone. We do it together with professionals and talents as drivers of positive change. They entertain, inspire and activate others. That's why we are the naming partner of the NN Running Team, because the athletes of this professional team inspire a large group of Dutch people. We want to achieve the same with our partnerships with running events such as the NN CPC Loop The Hague. Because in this way, we provide a podium for talent and we offer opportunities for a positive change in everyone's life. We lower thresholds and inspire, activate and connect the Netherlands in the areas of sport, art & culture and social issues.

Nationale-Nederlanden and the NN CPC Run The Hague
At the NN CPC Run The Hague, the Nationale-Nederlanden Pacing Team (powered by Runner's World) will be present to help participants to their desired finish time at the half marathon. Would you like to run with one of the pacers? You can! You can easily join a pacer in your starting wave. You can recognize them by their white Nationale-Nederlanden shirts with the text 'Pacing Team' and the flags with target times on them.

New this year at the NN CPC Run The Hague is that all runners, from young to old, can find their name on a name wall. This large wall is located at the Malieveld.

As a supporter of all runners, Nationale-Nederlanden also supports the CPC4ALL; an experience for everyone who, for whatever reason, cannot take part in one of the existing runs of the NN CPC Run The Hague. Participants in the CPC4ALL run the 1 kilometer, but in an alternative way. They can move around with a walking bike, wheelchair, handbike or other aid.

Various runners with visual impairments also take part in various runs of the NN CPC Run The Hague. They are supported by so-called 'buddies'. This is all facilitated by the Running Blind Foundation, which wants to improve the quality of life of people with a visual impairment by making safe running possible. Nationale-Nederlanden has been supporting the Running Blind Foundation since 2018.

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