And it works!

  • 45% of all children around the world took part in our vaccination campaigns in 2016
  • 47 million children were provided with learning tools by us in the last three years
  • 2.5 million children where treated against malnutrition in 2016
  • Over 1 million children benefited of our partnership with FC Barcelona Foundation to stimulate the development of children by sport.
We also take care of the Dutch children.
When groups of children are somehow being oppressed in The Netherlands, UNICEF stands for their rights. Two of the things we want to draw attention to in The Netherlands are child trafficking and the situation of the children of asylum seekers. Besides that, we are co-founder of the Children’s Rights Collective, which is critically following the Dutch government when it comes to children’s rights.

You and the CPC, the CPC and UNICEF, you and the children
The yield of the CPC 2018 goes to education for children on the run in Syria and its surroundings. Because everyone wants these children to develop themselves and get a chance on a better future, despite the conflict and the often traumatic flight. UNICEF actually provides that by providing education. Education gives these children a chance, but there is some much more. It brings structure into their lives, a sense of safety and a moment of relaxation with their peers. Children on the run often admit that they would love to go back to school. By anticipating in the CPC you can offer them this possibility.

What does UNICEF?
UNICEF provides temporary and safe emergency rooms which can be quickly positioned in places where the children are located. Besides that, UNICEF provides the so-called school-in-a-box, which contains all the learning tools so the children can get education in these emergency rooms. Children are getting proper guidance en will get psychosocial help to process their traumas, when needed. We believe that this way we can give the children a base tot move on. Because education gives hope and a better prospective of the future for children, their family and Syria itself.

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