Kadiks: ,,We are very much pressed for time. We can only determine the desired scenarios for participants and audience once the new government measures have been announced. Subsequently, the municipality will have to test and approve them. In view of the limited time remaining after all of that, we do not think it is realistic to carry out the various scenarios appropriately and meticulously. The ‘CPC’ is a scintillating party and we need to be able to celebrate safely.’’

In the meantime, it has become apparent that the government’s original plan to further relax the Corona rules as of 20 September is not feasible. Kadiks: ,,That intention to relax was a cause for optimism and that is why we had hoped to receive clarity much sooner. Unfortunately, that did not happen and soon there will not be enough time to adapt the organisation to any new requirements. We do not want to sit back and wait and run the risk that the CPC Loop Den Haag has to be cancelled at the eleventh hour after all. Participants need to know well ahead of time what to expect.’’

Annually, the NN CPC Loop Den Haag boasts more than 40,000 registrations. The classic race is known internationally as a top level half marathon. Additionally, the event offers amateur runners of any age the opportunity to rise above themselves choosing from various distances along the beautiful, fast parcours, and to enjoy this family party. Furthermore, the schools’ run is the biggest in the country.

,,The impact of the organisation of such a comprehensive event is enormous,’’ says Kadiks. ,,It’s a shame that we have had to make this decision because many were looking forward to the CPC Loop Den Haag. There is nothing that we like more than getting as many people moving as possible. That is how we want to contribute to a healthier society, but that can only be done in a responsible manner. The government rules will always be our guide in that. Title sponsor Nationale-Nederlanden completely agrees with our decision.’’

The new date chosen for the 46th NN CPC Loop Den Haag is Sunday 13 March 2022. Earlier this year, the event had already been postponed from 7 March to 26 September due to Covid-19. As was the case then, all purchased tickets will remain valid. The organisation will inform participants about this in a personal email.

The NN CPC Loop Den Haag will still go ahead as a virtual event. Thanks to a unique experience app, everybody can run one of the distances along a course they choose themselves. All those interested will be able to sign up for that for free soon.