After the success of the 2020 jubilee edition, the CPC4ALL features on the programme for the second time. Those who are unable – for whatever reason - to participate in one of the above-mentioned events of the NN CPC Loop Den Haag, can run an alternative 1km course by the Malieveld allowing them to get a taste of the extraordinary atmosphere. Those participants can take part using aids like a walking bike, handbike or wheelchair. The motto #BEINSPIRED will resonate now more than ever before: the NN CPC Loop Den Haag is for everyone! 

This year, the NN CPC Loop Den Haag’s chosen charity is Special Olympics. It is part of a worldwide movement (active in 170 countries) that is committed to improving the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by organising sports events. 

Special Olympics and NN CPC Loop Den Haag are providing a platform to athletes with an intellectual disability allowing them to shine. During the ‘CPC’, they will demonstrate what they are capable of in amongst all the other athletes. On 13 March, athletes with or without a disability will run through the streets of The Hague together, united on their way to the finish. Performing together whilst also fraternising and connecting. NN CPC Loop Den Haag participants can add a donation to Special Olympics at the time of their registration. 

You can register on