Well prepared

Below you will find a checklist to make sure you are fully prepared before the start

Bib number

If you have registered before the 10th of February and live within the Netherlands, you will receive your bib number and tag via post. If you have registered after the 10th of February or live abroad, you will be able to collect your bib number on Saturday 9 or Sunday 10 March at Malieveld, the Hague.


10.00 am - 5.00 pm   Collect bib number   Malieveld

8.00 am - 2.30 pm   Customer Care   Malieveld
9.30 am   Start CPC4ALL   Koningskade
9.45 am   Start Ernst & Bobbie Kidsrun 1K   Koningskade
10.30 am   Start Triodus Youthrun 2,5K   Koningskade
11.00 am   Start 5K Run presented by AD   Koningskade
12.00 pm   Start 10K Run (1st wave)   Koningskade
12.15 pm   Start 10K Run (2nd wave)   Koningskade
12.30 pm   Start 10K Run (3rd wave)   Koningskade
2.30 pm   Start Half Marathon (1st wave)   Koningskade
2.45 pm   Start Half Marathon (2nd wave)   Koningskade
3.00 pm   Start Half Marathon (3rd wave)   Koningskade

Starting pens

To keep the flow on the courses, you have been given one of the starting pens. This starting pen is mentioned on your bib number. It is not possible to change starting pens. Please make sure to be ready 15 minutes before the start.

Take a look at the starting pens

Weather forecast

It will be cloudy on Sunday with periods of rain during the day. The temprature will be around 8 degrees with moderate wind-force 4/5 coming from West/South-West.



The results will be online shortly after each distance

Drink stations

Every 5 km you will find a drinking station with water and AA Drink Iso Lemon. Please drink enough before and during the race.