NN Half Marathon

One of the most popular distances of the NN CPC Run The Hague is the Half Marathon. A lot of personal records are being run each year due to the fast course.

10k Run

Over the last years, the 10 k Run has become a very popular distance of the NN CPC Run The Hague. Minumum age to participate is 14.

5k Run presented by AD

The 5k Run presented by AD  is a course of 5k which starts and finishes on the Malieveld in The Hague. Minimum age to participate is 12.

Triodus Youth Run 2,5k

The Triodus Youth Run 2,5k is meant for younger people who would like to start running. There are a lot of supporters along the course to cheer on the runners and get them to reach the finish. Participation is possible from the age of 8 years old.

Ernst & Bobbie Kids Run 1k

Especially for the little ones, we organise the Ernst & Bobbie Kids Run (1k). This is a very cheerful run with lots of entertainment and Ernst & Bobbie (known from tv).


Due to this year being a jubilee edition, we invite disabled people to participate in the CPC4all. The course is the same as the 1 km route but you can participate in an alternative way.

Business Runs

Enjoy an active day with collegues. 


The NN CPC Run The Hague is a real tradition

The NN CPC Run The Hague knows a rich history full epic moments and fantastic records.


Would you like to help?

The organisation of a big running event such as the NN CPC Run The Hague involves a large group of enthusiastic volunteers. Approximately 800 volunteers, will hand out drinks to the runners, keep the course free of traffic and care for the runners at the finish.